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Reliable Roofers Keeping Money in Your Pockets

A leaky roof can cause serious damage to your property. Call C&E Real Estate and Construction in Birmingham, Alabama, for professional roof installation and repair. We work with shingle roofs of all kinds, as well as metal roofs. If a leak has already damaged your property, we can repair the water damage and prevent the problem from happening again.

Roof Repair

Investing a small amount in your roof now, could save you a fortune down the road. We repair roofs for clients all over the Birmingham area.

Roof Installation by a Local Company

There are many roofers out there, but you'll save a fortune by choosing a local company. When you work with a nationwide roofing contractor, you end up paying for a middleman to come and inspect your roof, then for a subcontractor to complete the work. You also subsidize all the marketers, salespeople, advertisers, and estimators the company employs. When you work with us, you hire the roofers directly, so you only pay for the installation and materials. That means lower costs and a better result.

A Perfect Installation Every Time

Many roof manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products, but if the roof is installed incorrectly, the warranty is void. That's why it's essential to choose reliable roofers who have the experience to perform a perfect installation. Don't gamble with your property; call C&E Real Estate and Construction for exceptional roofing work at reasonable prices.

Shingle Roof